Song Lambung Beach Lembongan

Lembongan Island

Lembongan island is part of bali,there are 3 island,lembongan island,ceningan,and the biggest one is Nusa penida thats our district and klungkung regency.
lembongan island have two villages,there are JungutBatu village and lembongan village

For the ceningan island that s together with lembongan village,the only one head village.
if we go to ceningan we have bridge for conection from lembongan to ceningan,the bridge
is not big enough,just for motorbike or walk not For car.there one surf sport,we call secret point but in lembongan many surf sport,there are ,Playground,laceration,nomad,
shipwreak.Lembongan island is the best for surfing and also many place for snorkeling
and diving,there are,manta point,mangrove point,wall,gamat bay,crystal bay,that the best
place for snokeling or diving.
the population of nusa lembongan is seawed farm,tourism,and fisherman.
there are around 7.000 people in lembongan island.we have two season,summer
and winter for the summer from april to september and the winter from october to March.
we have many beach in lembongan,all is white sand but not all beach you can swim,
one of beach in Lembongan is SonglambungBeach,the beach is white sand,good for swim,snorkeling,surfing,peddleboard,kayaking and relaxing on the beach.